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 Loot Rules

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PostSubject: Loot Rules   Loot Rules EmptyTue Mar 01, 2011 4:32 am

Actually, pondering a particular rule. Now as I – and just about every other player that’s discussed making guilds work – have noted, deciding who gets what loot from a drop is probably THE biggest cause of guild drama. Again repeating myself, pretty much every rule can be scammed and will be disliked by someone. They all have their flaws and weaknesses. And as long as the guild TRUSTS that the rules will be consistently and equitably applied, they’ll generally accept them despite all the problems.

The Loot System-TLS

For now we are using group loot or master loot.
I suggest you to use Group loot (Need for your currently spec, Greed for your offspec, Pass if you dont need).
In case you use Master Loot, i suggest you to download Raid Roll addon.

We don't use any DKP or EPGP System for our raids, but we may take on one for 25 man raids. Its still undiscussed.

Each spec have priority on some items.Here are some Examples:
You are caster DPS and this item drops - > Solace of the Fallen.
On 3.3.5 It gives Intelect, 150 Spell power & 16 mana per 5 seconds stacking up to 8 times.
You WILL PASS this item to the healers.

You are caster DPS and this item drops - > Sliver of Pure Ice.
On 3.3.5 It gives 158 Spell power and restores 1625 mana when used.
You WILL PASS this item to healers.
Anything that have X mana per 5 seconds is HEALER item.Caster DPS's DO NOT NEED X MANA PER 5 SECONDS.

You are healer and you see this item drops - > Frost Needle .
On 3.3.5 It gives 59 Stamina and Intelect, 657 spell power, 54 Haste rating, 49 Hit rating.
You WILL PASS this item to the dps's.
Anything that have Hit rating,will be passed to caster DPS's.HEALERS DO NOT NEED HIT RATING.

Types And Classes rolls:

All tank items will be rolled by TANKs ONLY.
If both TANKs dont need that item, ONLY then people with their offspec as tank are able to roll for it.

All dps items will be rolled by DPS ONLY.
If any of the DPS'S dont need that item, ONLY then the people with their offspec as DPS are able to roll for it.

All healer items will be rolled by HEALERS ONLY.
If any of the HEALERS dont need that item, ONLY then the people with their offspec as HEALER are able to roll for it.

Priests, Mages & Warlocks have priority for CLOTH items ONLY.
Druids & Rogues have priority for LEATHER items ONLY.
Shamans & Hunters have priority for MAIL items ONLY.
Warriors, Paladins & Death Knights have priority for PLATE items ONLY.

Also, NO Favorites & NO Arguments over loot will be made.

The Loot Rules have been thoughed over and over
it's really hard to create a looting system
thats fair for everyone and
for all situations.

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Loot Rules
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