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 Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

Invite can only be done from Sage Rank and above.
Only 60+ are, and can be invited into the guild no exceptions for nobody.
For non 60 we have an academy guild Called Extraordinary League.
Inviting people listed in the Hall of lame without aking the person who added them there is prohibited.

Punishment Rank:

Plain and simple, Punishment can occur from any officer and above, and can last for as many days the
officer deems necessary, No other officer can interfere with it, Take it over /o chat and solve it
Keeping the tones down.

Speaking inside the Guild chat:
Speak English and only english, the majority of the people understand english so its more politenes.
If you must speak another language then do so is the following Format: Καλό απόγευμα (Good evening).
Excesive Non english speaking can leads to mutes.
Cursing and all that comes with it. You can curse all you want. BUT if it offends anyone even in the slitest of ways
Then you WILL stop it right there and thats Absolute.

Thats all for now Very Happy

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Guild Rules
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