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 Guild Vault Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Vault Rules   Guild Vault Rules EmptyTue Mar 01, 2011 6:51 am

Rules regarding use of the guild bank

The Guild Vault is there to be used by all guild members. with access to items, materials, and may use funds to pay for repairs.

1 All guildies must make a donation into the guild vault in form of materials and items for others to use and/or make a regular deposit of gold. You all take items out to use. its only fair that more than just a small amount put items in or deposit gold.

2 The facility to use gold from guild bank for repairs has been restricted to 15gold for Ranks Death Guards and above only, To cover repair costs for those raiding when a wipe has been ordered.

3 If someone is seen to be excessively misusing the guild vault. The rank of rotten one will be given restricting all benefits received by a guild member

Dont worry we will be checking! the guild bank logs tell us everything Twisted Evil
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Guild Vault Rules
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