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 The Ranks of the guild :)

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The Ranks of the guild :) Empty
PostSubject: The Ranks of the guild :)   The Ranks of the guild :) EmptyTue Mar 01, 2011 10:50 pm

We will begin the ranks going from the Lowest to highest.

Rotting One:
This is the punishment rank, people can end up here from ANY rank, no rank provides
immunity to Punishment, the only ones that can punish and / or remove punishments
are Stardow & Silanna.

Wandering Ghoul:
First rank, all non 80s move to this rank regardless of class, host the following lvs: 60-79.

Wrath Bone:
All 80s start here, this is the initiation rank, its a simple indication you got 80:).

Death Guard:
Welcome to the handpicked 80s, the first rank wich indicates someone has skill and discipline,
also indicates that those under the rank got better equipement and have some experience
in raids.

Crypt Lord:
Handpicked Death Guards, the elites wich have skill exceptional gear and also have participated
into many raids.

Wisdom Monsters, in both compliacated matters and also in simple things, if you need advise
seek them out and ask them.

The Raid Leaders, the only person capable and allowed to create raids are those bearing this rank
you want a raid done, or advise over raids ask them, they are in this spot for a reason.

Bone Captain:
The officers of the guild, the peacekeepers any problem goes to them, they are in charge of the guild
in case the gms are off, also they keep an eye for people wich should be promoted.

Bone Commander:
The 2nd in command, in the absence of the gm or with the gm logged she has the power to do
everything a gm can, she is in charge of the Guild Vault, she has the power to promote / demote
and punish people.
(Tread Lightly)

Lich King:
Thats me.... fancy name but who cares i like, i am the Guild Master, and proud over it i will do everything
in my power to have a good and healthy Raiding guild.
"Tread lightly cause you're treading on my dreams"

People capable to demote / promote a
nd punish people are Stardow & Silanna.

Don't Upset Me . . . I'm Running Out of Places To Hide The Bodies.

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The Ranks of the guild :)
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