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 Pets [4.0.1]

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PostSubject: Pets [4.0.1]   Pets [4.0.1] EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 7:32 am

Pets are changing a lot in 4.0.1. There will no longer be one top dps pet that everyone has to bring to raid. Instead each pet family will have a different raid buff/debuff that you can bring to fill in ones that may be missing. So for raids with multiple hunters in them you will all want to be bringing different pets. Because of this all raiding hunters should have a pet for each of the raid buffs that might be needed. The difference in dps between the different types of pets will be a lot less but you will still want to use ferocity when you can but raiding with a cunning pet shouldn’t hurt your dps much.

The exotic pets that BM hunters can tame bring unique things such as bloodlust, kings and Stam buff. There shouldn’t be any need for these in 25 man raids but might be good to have a BM offspec for your 10 man groups.

If you aren’t familiar with the pet buffs please read ... aid-buffs/ and

Pets all hunters should have (please level them all to 80 asap)
- Cat (agil/str)
- Wolf (5% crit)
- Raptor (sunder armor)
- Hyena (increased bleed damage)
- Ravager (4% increased physical damage)
- Dragonhawk/Wind serpent (8% increased magic damage)
- Sporebat (reduced casting speed)

The officers will let the hunters know what pets are needed at the beginning of raid after looking at raid composition and deciding what buffs are needed.

Exotic pets your 10 mans might need
- Corehound (bloodlust)
- Silithid (stam)
- Shale Spider (kings)*
- Chimera (aoe damage)

*not available at 80

Please look over the list of raid buffs and talk with your 10 man groups to see what pets you will need to bring for them. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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Pets [4.0.1]
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