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 Paladin tanking [Cata]

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Paladin tanking [Cata] Empty
PostSubject: Paladin tanking [Cata]   Paladin tanking [Cata] EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 7:39 am

you may wanna use a 0/33/8 spec, although a 3/33/5 spec is arguably possible
you want to start with 3 pts in divinity to help out your healers, and 2 pts in SotP for a threat increase.
next tier you want 2 pts in JotJ to slow down the boss's attack speed there by increasing your survivibility, and 3 pts in toughness for obvious reasons.
next tier max everything in that tier, all the talents are vital for either threat or survivability.
next tier also max everything for more threat.
next tier max everything except divine guardian, its selfish but that point is better put elsewhere. some may argue that it could save the raid from a wipe and in some ocassions they are right but like i said, i'm selfish. if you must take a point out of sacred duty and get this.
next tier max everything (unless you took a point out of sacred duty for divine guardian)
and of course next tier get ardent defender, not nearly as powerful as it once was but still useful.

for major glyphs there are 4 useful glyphs but you can only have 3. if your below expertise cap use glyph of seal of truth to cap yourself without having to reforge, if you are capped use the following:

Glyph of Crusader Strike
Glyph of Judgement
Glyph of Shield of the Righteous (replace with glyph of seal of truth if under capped)

majors you want:

Ascetic Crusade
Focused Shield ( ONLY use for bosses )
Lay on Hands

no one cares honestly...

Tanking Priority List
Boss Priority: AS>3HP SotR> CS> judge> HW>consencrate if everything is on cooldown
AoE tanking priority: AS> 3HP inquisition>Consencrate> HotR> HW

one thing to remember is this isnt wrath anymore, do not be shy to use cooldowns on trash, your healers will hate you less if you use your CDs wisely.

note that this is just how i play, you may find something that works as good or even better. thanks for reading.

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Paladin tanking [Cata]
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